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Kiehberg Oil 10ml

Kiehberg Oil acts as a lubricant and allows for proper movement in CO2 and pneumatic air guns. Without this lubricant, the air gun will become dry which leads to damage over time. The lubricant helps in proper movement, but it also serves another essential function necessary for performance. As the oil moves through these parts propelled by the CO2, the oil also loosens and removes dirt, debris, and other particles from inside the air gun. A clean gun is less likely to suffer damages and issues, especially related to seal damages. The bottom line is that if you want to make the most of your air gun in terms of both performance and longevity, the use of Kiehberg oil is a must for a CO2-powered air gun.

Miller Gun Oil – 01


Miller Gun Oil

All-purpose gun lubricating oil used for cleaning, lubrication maintenance